Blonde coloured ale with the wonderful essence of fresh blueberries. Sweet flavours of peppery blueberries, malts and spicy hops make this one a winner all the way. A one-of-a-kind refresher.


A golden coloured ale lending itself to the wonderful malty aromas layered with just a kiss of spicy hops for a clean, smooth finish that will keep you coming back for more.


A deep tawny reddish hued Irish-inspired ale with a lingering nut-like maltiness. Very lightly hopped with a pleasant estery fruitiness expiring to wonderfully smooth finish. Slainte!

Pump House IPA

The first taste impression is of a very agreeable hop bitterness. Just enough to make you appreciate hops again, without being astringent or puckering. The citrus aroma plays very well together with the hop bitterness, while a pleasant maltiness in the background completes the picture of a prime example for a well balanced IPA.

Definitely a beer for hop addicts and newbies to craft beers alike.

Pump House Premium Pilsner

The high quality hop bitterness gives this beer a pleasant refined taste. Malty taste components do not play a big role in this style of beer, and thus are barely perceptible in our Pilsner. We just added enough maltiness to make our Pilsner not too bitter for even the novice beer lover.

Our Pilsner has a high level of attenuation which makes it very dry - an ideal companion for every occasion.


A tribute to the Reinheitsgebot (beer purity law) of 1516, brewed using just barley, hops, yeast and water. Cold aged and matured for more than six weeks, there are no adjuncts, or artificial carbonation - resulting in a 100% natural lager.


Centuries ago, to make beer, brewers had to immerse red-hot rocks at 700°C into the wort as they couldn’t heat up wooden vats directly with open fire. The intense heat lead to an almost instant caramelization of the sugars, which gave the beers a very distinguishable taste.

This limited edition Stonefire Ale carefully recreates this unique process delivering a historic taste experience. 6.5% 

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