Bring a Keg to your next get-together!

All of our Kegs are sold through The Pump House Restaurant on 5 Orange Lane in Moncton. Where we sell 20 liter kegs of our award winning beer. The Kegs cost $85.99 for regular kegs & $104.99 for seasonal kegs (tax included). 20 liters of beer is equivalent to approx 60 12oz bottles. Keg rental also includes a Tap and a Tub so all you need is Ice to keep the beer cold. Each Keg rented from us requires a $150 deposit which is fully refundable when the Keg,Tap and Tub are returned within 3 days of purchase. For every day late we deduct $10 from the original $150. Reserving Kegs is your best bet to insure availability, It is recommended that customers wishing to rent a Keg call and reserve at least a couple of days in advance in order to not be disappointed. 506-855-2337 ext 1.







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