Pump House Seasonal Draught Schedule:



Raspberry Wheat


Red Leaf Lager


Amber Ale


Best Friend Märzen Lager




Albert Country Maple Ale


Pumpkin Ale


Black Strap Brown Ale






Winter Warmer


Full List of Seasonal Brews


Bière de Garde

A Belgian/French ale style, chestnut brown in colour. Low bitterness but characterized by complex fruity esters and alcohol can be evident. 7.5% ABV


RPA - Rye Pale Ale

Our Belgian style RPA has an inviting deep tawny copper colour and a spicy nose from the hefty quantity of malted rye married with the estery profile of the imported Belgian yeast. Light bodied, fruity and spicy with a lingering crisp finish. 5.0% ABV


Amber Ale

Deep amber in colour with malty flavours of caramel and toffee, medium bitterness. Easing off winter's stranger brews and into spring's smoother ales. 6.0% ABV


Albert County Maple Ale

A malty amber ale with a twist - it's brewed with fenugreek seeds and locally produced dark maple syrup lending a pleasant complexity with hints of maple to the brew. Medium mouthfeel with a smooth, clean finish. You know spring is here at last when this beer hits the taps! 5.0% ABV


Red Leaf Lager

Deep red in colour, dry hopped with leaf hops, medium in bitterness, with all the nut-like malt of our fire chief red but fermented with lager style yeast. 5.0% ABV



A classic unfiltered German style wheat beer with a spicy clove-like, banana bouquet and flavour from the Weinstephan yeast strain. Malty and lightly acidic making this one very refreshing. Garnish with lemon. Prosit! 5.0% ABV


Rose Hip Ale

Rose hips are the seeded fruit of successfully pollinated wild rose plants (typically of Rosa canina of the Rosaceae plant family) that are native to various regions of North America, Asia, and Europe. Some other recognizable common names are Wild Rose, Dog Rose, and Wild Boar Fruit, just to name a few. The “hips” mature throughout the summer and are harvested in early October, ideally after the first night frost.

Due to their high concentration of vitamin C, they have had numerous ethnobotanical uses that date back to the medieval times and can be found in a range of preparations like jams, jellies, fruit wines, teas, and baked goods.

The Pump House proudly presents this seasonal beer that is brewed with rose hips and orange peels to refreshingly kick off summer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Cheers!



A blonde thirst-quenching wheat beer with the aromatic bouquet and flavours of spices, lemongrass and ginger. Lightly acidic and tart with a very clean finish. Pair it up with your favorite seafood dish or some spicy wings! 5.0 - 5.5% ABV


Raspberry Wheat

A German style wheat beer bombarded with 40 kg of raspberries! This is a beer for the raspberry connoisseur - delectably tart and refreshing. Are we insane? Definitely not! 5% ABV



Reflective of the season Oktoberfest has a rich amber hue, medium body and malty bouquet. Blending together 3 roasts of barley to create a delicious harmony of sweet flavours including caramel and toffee. The elegant bitterness imparted by the German Noble hops keeps it perfectly balanced and provides a wonderful transition from the lighter beers of summer to the winter's heartier brews. Prosit! 5.5% ABV.


Black Strap Brown Ale

American style brown ale due to its medium bitterness. Truly brown in colour. Low to medium body and dry sweet malty finish of raoster barley and hints of black strap molasses. Malt bill prepared with a percentage of sour mash. 5.0% ABV // 26 IBU's


Best Friend Märzen Lager

In German, Märzen refers to “March beer.” It originates from Bavaria in southern Germany. A Bavarian brewing ordinance by Albrecht V decreed in 1539 that beer may be brewed only between Michaelmas and St. George’s Day, from 29th of Septem-ber to the 23rd of April, respectively.

The Märzen was brewed in March, accord-ing to a special recipe that would allow the beer to last while the brewing of new beer was forbidden between 24th of April and 28th of September due to increased risk of fire in the summer months.

The original Märzen was described as “dark brown, full-bodied, and bitter.” The beer was kept in the cellar until late in the summer, and the remaining bottles were served at Oktoberfest. 5.5% ABV


Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale is our special Autumn brew that has a medium malty flavour with little bitterness. The aroma & taste profile includes hints of  cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, & allspice; it’s like pumpkin pie  in a glass! 



Schwarzbier or "black beer" is a traditional German Style black lager. As the name implies it is black in colour yet very drinkable with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee leading into a light-bodied, clean finish. 7.5% ABV.


Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer is a traditional malty-sweet English style that is brewed in the winter months and spiced with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Deep dark amber coloured with a big malt presence and lingering spicy notes. Comfort food at it's best! 7.0% ABV


Anise Brown

A fantastic English style brown ale laced with star anise! Strong bouquet of licorice and mint meld beautifully with the malt complexities and fruity undertones of this inviting but off-centered ale. Not your average brown ale! 5.0% ABV


Maltitude RIS

A big Russian Imperial Stout married with fresh locally roasted espresso beans, peated malt and demerara sugar. Dark and velvety with hints of spice, fruit, smoke, chocolate, raisins, roasted malts and espresso in the finish. Full bodied with a smooth warming finish. Think globally - drink locally! 10.0% ABV


Baltic Storm

Our Baltic Porter has a light roastiness with hints of fruit, smoke, plums, and chocolate. Medium bodied with a smooth and warm lingering finish. A perfect sipper to counter the cold New Brunswick winter. 8.2% ABV


Dementia Double IPA

This is pure hop bliss brewed with insane quantities of west coast hops! Every sip of this beer is akin to diving into a truck load of freshly picked hops, directly before the hefty kick of alcohol begins to numb your brain. The insanity sauce is brewed with Cascade, Amarillo, Tomahawk, Northern Brewer and Columbus Hops. Big, bold and sticky! 8.2% ABV. 100+ IBU's


English Style Barley Wine Ale

Copper in colour with full body and high residual malty sweetness. Low in buttering hops gives the noticeable alcohol and fruity-ester’s sherry-like aromas and flavours. 9.9% ABV


Hop Mess - Harvest Ale

An all organic wet-hopped imperial red harvest ale. Brewed with over 50kg of fresh, locally grown hand picked organic hops which are in the brew kettle within 24 hours of being harvested. 7% ABV.


IRA - India Red Ale

Deep amber/red coloured ale dry hopped with Cascade, balanced with flavours of dark malts which give away to a smooth aftertaste. 5.7% ABV


Jumpers' Freefall Ale

Copper coloured with good malty aroma, hints of honey and almond. Medium bodied with a well balanced crisp finish. This unique style is dedicated to all beer loving Canadian skydivers. 5.2% ABV


Dunkel Weizen

A dark unfiltered German style wheat beer with a spicy clove-like, banana bouquet and flavour from the Weinstephan yeast strain. Malty with a touch of roastiness, chocolate undertones and a lightly acidic finish. Prosit. 5.0% ABV.

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